Ovivo Water Technology

Band Screens

Band screens are the most efficient means of removing suspended solids for primary wastewater applications for raw water intake and cooling water treatment. The fully automatic operation requires minimal operator intervention resulting in reduced operating costs. Pre-packaged unit allows for ease of installation and the increased capture ratio boosts plant efficiency.

Drum Screen

With screen apertures from 0.2mm to 6.0mm, Ovivo drum screens are suitable for a variety of applications from raw sewage to fine screening of water/wastewater. Zero carryover, and the highest screening capture ratios in the industry make Ovivo drum screens the obvious choice for high capacity fine screening. Our A-frame construction provides a light, but rigid structure designed for reliable, long-term operation. Screens can handle flow rates from 20 MGD (31 ft3/sec) to 800 MGD (1,240 ft3/sec).

Coarse Screen

Coarse screen including automatic bar screen raking systems are designed for a wide range of applications where highly effective cleaning is necessary, including power stations (nuclear, fossil and hydro), flood defense, storm drainage pumping stations and industrial pumping stations. The simplicity of their design and efficient debris handling make tthem an ideal solution for cost-effective screening of water and wastewater.


There is an increasing demand for marine life conservation worldwide. Ovivo's fish guidance and deflection systems are considered "best practice" in the UK, and are consistently used in the USA to meet EPA standards and promote "green" practices. Passive and fish handling screening methods are "fish friendly" providing barriers for all stages of fish development or recovery and return, while behavior barriers can target specific species using light, sound or vibration to deter migrating fish.

Stop Gate

Carrying out maintenance on equipment downstream from cooling water intakes is essential for reliable operation of the intake system. Stopgates isolate flow streams, thereby ensuring safe and dry access for routine maintenance or inspections. Automatic sensing probes prevent premature unlatching of the lifting beam and integral equalizing valves allow water levels to be balanced as part of the lift sequence. Ovivo's flexible design makes our stopgates suitable for any application.

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